Cheap Home Decor – Your Dining Room

The dining room is an integral part of your home. It is the place where your family meets to enjoy dinner together and share about their day. The dining room can also be the hardest place to decorate, especially if you are on a budget. Here are some cheap home decor ideas that can make your dining room a joy to look at and comfortable to eat in.

First things first, you must decide on a style. Pick a style that you love and fits your home. If your kitchen and dining room are in the same, open area, you might find that a country or Tuscan style would fit your home. If this is the case, the styles should flow from one section to the other, thus making the space feel bigger. Otherwise, if your kitchen and dining area are separate rooms, you can choose just about any theme and color that you prefer.

Now comes to focal point. What do you want people to notice as soon as they walk in? The table? The lighting? How about a family portrait? Anything you chose is it fits your style. If you want a family portrait to be your focal point make sure you have a nice frame. Frames can be bought at many hobby and decor stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby for a very reasonable price. They also often have coupons in their flyers and on their websites.

Next, comes choosing the paint. A great paint job does not have to be expensive or hard. All it takes is a little courage and elbow grease. First you will want to decide if you want one color, a main color with an accent color, or a faux finish. Once decided, your local hardware store will probably have a wide selection of colors to choose from. However, before you go, make sure to check your local paper and flyers for the best deals because paints routinely go on sale. You can also ask if they have any premixed paints that other customers decided not to buy. They will often sell them at a deep discount. Maybe you will get lucky and find a color you love! Another great money saving tip for paint is the bundle packs of supplies. These bundles come complete with rollers, tape, rolling pan and brushes. Theses packs come complete with almost everything you will need to paint a room. They are not the highest grade of supplies but for the price and the job, they are more than adequate. If you decided on a faux finish you will also need to pick up a couple inexpensive sponges.

Now it is time for the furniture and decor. Cheap home decorations do not have to look cheap. For your furniture, try going to a used furniture store, yard sales or bargain places. With a little sanding and a new finish, you can make a beautiful and expensive looking piece without breaking the bank. Decorations are easy to find and afford at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. If you like the look of fresh flowers, you can buy paper flower kits at your local craft store. They are very inexpensive and last a lot longer than real flowers. For a little extra touch, try placing them in a nice vase with colored rocks or glass beads, then place a little fragrance oil or spray in the vase. The flowers will not only look real but smell wonderfully real as well.

Cheap home decor is easy to find with a little know how and ingenuity. Start with local craft and hobby stores and then venture to used furniture stores. Have fun and let your imagination run wild and you will have a dining room that you love and do not mind showing off.

Getting the Highest Sales at a Home Decorating Party

If you are holding a home decorating party the goal should be to get the highest sales possible. There are many things you can do to ensure this happens. In order to get the highest sales you need to offer a fair range of prices, remind people of special occasions, be nice, and allow guests to touch the items.

A home interior party is a lot of fun. Your guests will love to come and see the different crafts and ideas you have for sale. It is important that you are nice to everyone and very friendly. If you are in a bad mood and you feel it coming on then you need to change your attitude. Guests are not going to purchase from anyone who is not friendly. If you are lucky you might get a few sales but with a good attitude you can make a lot. Be friendly to all of the guests. You may even consider providing drinks and snacks to everyone to make them feel more comfortable. The more comfortable your guests are the more likely they are to make a purchase from you.

Special occasions are always a reason to decorate the home. When you hold a home decorating party it is important to remind the guests times that they would use the crafts or break them out for decorations in their homes. Obviously, if you have Christmas items you won’t have to tell the guests the time of year or occasion they would use them. However, you can show the guests what some of the crafts are perfect for and what they look best with.

One of the things you can do to increase your sales is to allow the guests to touch the items. When you allow the guests to feel the items they can tell the quality of the items themselves. When the guests can touch the crafts it makes the items more personal and ensures for higher sales.

Pricing items may be difficult to do for some. The biggest thing you want to remember is that you need to be fair to your guests. Always price the items fairly so you get the biggest sales. You do not want to price all of the items at the same price to make it easy for you. If you price all of your items at $20 and some of them are not worth $20 then you will not make any sales. Carefully price your items according to the quality and the value.

When you hold a home party your goal is going to be to make as much revenues as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to remind the guests of creative ways they can use the items and why they are needed. Allow the guests to touch and feel the products you are selling and always price them fairly. Also, smile and be very friendly to all of the guests.