Enhance Your Home Decor Using Southwest Placemats

It is time to make your southwest placemats stand out in your home decor. Placemats are usually used on the table as a table setting accessory. I have some great ideas that will give your home a little southwestern rustic flair just by using southwest place mats.

When creating a unique home decor, throw away the rule book and use your imagination. So many new ideas are being used because no one is using the same old way of decorating their home. I love hearing new ideas that use simple accents to enhance my southwestern style home.

Each wool placemat will truly give character and personality you have been longing to express in your southwestern home. You will find there are a variety of placemat styles that can be displayed in many areas of your home all year round.

In your kitchen, you may wrap a simple vase of flowers with one of your woven wool placemats and tie it off in the middle with a piece of twine for a beautiful southwestern look. You can also use southwest place mats on your wall as a unique wall hanging. I have heard that one young lady wanted to have a unique china cabinet. She chose a variety of colorful placemats to place under her fine southwestern style china that created a beautiful southwest china cabinet.

The living room holds many places to display your southwest placemats. I have seen them placed under table lamps on end tables. A friend of mine wanted her bookshelf to stand out in her cozy living room. Using her southwest placemats and attaching them to the back that is shown, the place mats added rich beautiful colors that really do make her bookshelf stand out.

I love using mismatching placemats when friends come to visit. I always set out trays with finger food on them, but not before I place one of my southwest place mats on each tray under the food. They always add a little something extra to each tray and keep my home feeling cozy and full of life.

If you really want some more southwestern rustic flair in your bathroom, why not add a simple woven place mat. My friend, Rachel, just finished remodeling her bathroom in a southwest theme. Her vanity counter top is a mosaic pattern of stone colored rocks that really bring out a southwest stylish atmosphere. She decided to place one of her wool woven placemats between the double sinks as a unique accent. Rachel found a cute set of child size boots that she has placed on top of the placemat for a more unique southwestern accessory. You may also place one of your placemats on the back of the toilet for some extra color and style.

It is so amazing how well these simple woven placemats can be used for crafts. I spoke with a little ole lady the other day and she loves using her southwest placemats for unique table decor crafts that she sells at craft shows and flea markets. She simply places a mason jar in the middle, brings up the sides of the mat gathering them at the top, and ties it all together with a raveled piece of twine. Once she has covered the jars she places an arrangement of flowers and southwestern items together to complete her table decor piece that is ready to be sold or given as a gift.

Whether you need a placemat for your home or to give as a gift, you will love the many Native American styles and beautiful colored designs to choose from. Each place mat is rich with bold colors that will bring out the southwest in any cabin, lodge, or home. Wherever you choose to display them, everyone will certainly enjoy southwest placemats.

Craft Projects – A Home Decorating One Of A Kind Look

Have you been in a craft store or maybe gone to a fair and noticed booths filled with home made crafts such as embellished wreaths or pretty decorated boxes and thought it might be fun to make something like that.

Well it is fun, and it’s a lot easier than you may think. However, lets first start by talking a little about the advantages to making your own craft projects.

One is the cost factor, for example in most instances it is less expensive to make your own decorative wreath than purchasing one already completed.

Another savings is with the materials; many can be used for numerous projects. For instance a bottle of paint or a jar of decoupage glue even a yard of fabric can go along way.

This is another way that becoming a savvy home decorator really pays off.

Another big plus is the gratification and pride you will feel by taking something you have made and using it as an accessory in your home.

Looking for a new idea? The next time you are flipping through a magazine and you stop to look at a picture, examine the entire picture not just what the caption on the bottom is primarily focused on.

For example,what’s hanging on the walls, is there a bookcase or hutch and if so what kind of objects have been placed on them. If you see something that catches your eye, try making it your self.

Tip: One thought to remember, if you do happen to find something you like, don’t get discouraged thinking you have to duplicate it exactly as you see it. In fact by making changes, you’ve personalized it and really made it your own.

The goal here is to help inspire your creativity and to give making your own craft projects a try and once you have, to then continue having fun with them.

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