Customize Home Decor Furnishing with Shadow Box

Your office or home room looks impersonal and dull? With a few right touches you can make it your own room, where your personality and presence is felt everywhere. If you wonder what to start with, here is an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your home decor furnishing.

You can customize any area of your home or office with a handcrafted Shadow Box, customized to the style of your room. There are so many wonderful possibilities that an aspiring entrepreneur could bring in some extra money displaying their talents in these home decor furnishing accents.

Pick your Size

A quick trip to the home decor furnishing section of you local craft and hobby shop will introduce you to the empty shadow box. If you are not familiar with this craft item, you will be amazed by the myriad of sizes. While the selection can even be overwhelming, focus on the right shadow box to meet your needs. Smaller boxes usually work best in bathrooms, or on the desk in your office. Keep scale in mind as you are shopping and buy a bigger size for bigger spaces.

Find your Style

If you are a golfer or you know a golfer who would appreciate a unique piece of home decor furnishing, this is a great theme for a shadow box. By using old driver covers, a piece of indoor-outdoor green carpet, some sand and a ball you can create a wonderful accent for the living room or office.

Home decor furnishing in your kitchen can come alive with some dried or silk flowers and fruits adding a bountiful harvest feel around your table. Smaller versions of the same theme will make attractive accents for your powder room.

Animal lovers will enjoy pet-themed shadow boxes as a great piece of home decor furnishing. Dog bones and paw prints, or an arrangement of some of your cat’s favorite toys are a whimsical way to let people know you cherish the four legged members of your family.

You can turn your bedroom into a Hawaiian paradise by using some sand, a lei and a miniature palm tree. You can even pay homage to your favorite sports teams with miniature footballs, basketballs or miniature baseball bats found at your local craft store.

Small shadow boxes can customize accents like welcome signs. A simple script on “antique parchment” with a woven heart will make your guests feel at home when they enter.

If you are looking to add uniqueness to your home or simply having a creative itch, check your favorite craft store for the home furnishing and decor department. With imagination and little efforts you can create hand-crafted gifts or even start your own small business venture.

African Home Decor Guide – Buying Quality African Home Decor

The popularity of African home decor reflects in the growth of this trend over the last three years. More interior designers and buyers longing to spice up and add a sense of adventure to their homes have sought African decor items to fill that need.

For centuries the continent of Africa has produced inspired works of art people around the globe envy. For example, objects made from stone, clay, woods and other natural materials.

With the popularity of earth-friendly home decor products, African home accessories seem like a natural (pardon the pun) fit for today’s demanding home decor market and consumer.

African decor produced from natural earth friendly materials continues to grow in popularity among interior designers. The most popular forms of African tribal decor is wood figurines, wood masks and animal wood carvings.

These African wood carvings often made from trees that replenish easily because of faster growth – as opposed to other trees. For example, trees such as bamboo, teak and other fast growing varieties.

Colorful African baskets of all sizes continue to grow as a popular home decor accessory, adding a splash of color and interest to any room. The popularity comes from the double benefits of a decorative piece that’s also used for storage purposes.

Quality hand-made African home decor baskets crafted with various kinds of loom add variety to any home decor. The better quality form of loom is the horizontal pedal loom. The horizontal loom is most popular from the regions of West Africa.

The West African tribes of the Kasai and Kwilu territories located near the Central Congo developed a unique weaving technique. For example, the tribal women meticulously weave plush raffia or fiber on diagonal looms. Next they take the pattern and knot it in broad bands during the detailed weaving process. And finally the expert weaver completes the detailed steps by cutting the overhanging material to an even finish.

Inserting a colorful pattern, done in various ways adds a touch of color to the decorative African baskets. The most popular method? Meticulously hand-weaving with colored threads, the result is a stunning piece of African art that would brighten up any room.

Wrought iron African home decor accessories continues as a favorite because of its longevity. African statues and figurines of tribesmen, tribeswomen and popular animals throughout the tropical forest and East Africa represent consumer favorites world-wide.

African pottery is another popular African decor accessory used to add a look of adventure to any room in your home. African hand-made pottery usually employs many popular and recognized techniques. For example, rounded pots hollowed out with a continuous turning movement of the craft persons hands – at just the right angle and depth.

African gourde containers grow in West Africa. The gourde container, usually cut in half and their hard outer shells used to fashion decorative bowls, cups, plates and other vessels for water and food. These African bowls, decorated with various patterns of stripes and other colorful designs adds interest and authenticity. These African designs not only add interest to the piece, they often tell a story or give a positive message to the reader.