Home Decorating Tips

perk up their home. Spring cleaning is one of the many chores that people undertake as early as January, and a lot of times this includes rearranging the furniture, changing the drapes, and adding new pieces of furniture. You can actually make your home look luxurious as well without having to break the bank to do it.

Luxury can be found in a variety of places and with a little creativity it can be brought to life in your home. Things like old wood can be used to make new furniture. Cabinets that have been long out of use can find a new life as end tables with a little bit of work, like stripping and refinishing. Not only does it give your home a unique designer look, it provides a place for you to place lamps, display knick-knacks and store items.

Shake your furniture up by adding a few eccentric pieces that has texture and color. Scour the thrift stores for old furniture, especially from the sixties and seventies. They had the most flow and unique shape, modern and spacey all at the same time. Bring a piece home, clean it up, reupholster it and set in the living room. It will be noticed and you will have people asking you all about it. It will turn into a functional conversation piece.

If you have sewing skills, make some throw pillows in bright colors that compliment the room. You can very easily get fabric squares from your local craft store that are inexpensive and the perfect size. Don’t limit yourself to boring squares. Make some round pillows or rectangular ones. If you feel adventurous, try other shapes. Use as few or as many in the room in colors that work well together to give your furniture an extra lift.

Add interesting accents to the room in corners, on the mantle, even the floor. Things like candles, musical instruments from different countries, hand carved pipes on a stand, and crafts made with beads and other unique materials can be scattered around a room in both conspicuous and inconspicuous places that will make visitors curious and take notice. A chess set or cribbage board are also interesting accents that can also provide entertainment if someone wants to try their hand at the game.

Home decorating is all about making your home as luxurious as possible on a small budget. Everyone has different tastes, which is why one home could be filled with frilly things and another is all dark, warm leather. Personal preference also has a lot to do with the way you decorate, but be spontaneous and a bit adventurous. Drape a scarf across a pictures corner and see how it looks. Toss a baby pillow on a brown leather sofa and see how it blends. Mix and match things up and play. You may be very surprised with the final result you get. Then again, you may need to start over. Either way, have fun with it. After all, this is your home.