50 Ways to Use Your Ribbon for Scrapbooking, Home Decor, Crafting and Fashion


Tie onto a tag, photo mat, border, or photo as an accent.

Use with a hole punch to make a booklet.

Tie onto clips attached to paper.

Use to secure a fold open photo frame.

Staple along the edge of a photo for a border.

Place behind a photo to use as a mat.

Tie in a knot and adhere with a glue dot.

Attach a ribbon charm and use as a long border.

Thread through eyelets and tie as an accent.

Tie onto a slide holder for a small picture frame.

Tie onto each end of a metal label holder.

Tie small bits of ribbon onto a larger piece of ribbon for a unique border.

Attach diagonally along the corner(s) of a photo.

Stamp words and sayings onto ribbons for titles.


Tie numerous ribbons around the lid of a gift box.

Tie small bits of ribbon along the handle of a gift bag.

Tie small bits of ribbon on each piece of a spiral notebook.

Fold and staple along the top of a gift bag.

Tie around a sketchbook, journal or diary.

Tie ribbons through buttonholes and attach with glue dots.

Weave ribbons to use as placements, wallhangings, etc.

Use fabric stiffener to make ribbon bookmarks.

Make a french ribbon board to hold notes and photos.

Tie around the handle of a mug and fill with candy for a gift.

Use a hoop and long ribbons to make a mobile for breezy summer days.

Home Decor:

Use long/wide ribbons to store and display barrettes and pins.

Overlap and hang various ribbon styles/lengths on a bathroom window.

Tie around glass jars in the kitchen and bathroom.

Tie onto candle holders (away from the heat/flame, please!).

Decorate old wooden cigar boxes with ribbon and glue dots.

Wrap around an old or damage photo frame.

Sew ribbon to your plain dishtowels.

Tie large ribbons to the backs of chairs for a fun lunch or dinner.

Tie ribbons onto napkin holders.

Tie beads onto ribbon and then attach to a lampshade.

Use ribbons and painted clothespins to make a card/artwork wall display.

Tie to the tops of curtains for a festive display.

Make ribbon tassels to hang in your home.

Sew ribbons onto the edges of your sheets, pillowcases and curtains.

Decorate a flower pot with ribbons.


Tie ribbons onto your hangers, drawer pulls and shower curtain.

Tie a ribbon onto any zipper pulls you have!

Tie bits of ribbon onto a large safety pin for a quick accessory.

Use your ribbons as hair bows.

Tie around your neck for a quick accent.

Use wide ribbon alone or weave smaller ribbons to make a belt.

Use for a watch band.

Tie bits of ribbon around the handles of your pocketbook.

Sew/attach ribbon onto hats, clothing, socks, shoes and belts.

Use slide holders, ribbons and photos to make jewelry.